Middle School Earth Day Celebrations

On Thursday, April 22nd we celebrated Earth Day as a Middle School and larger OJCS school community. Both our English and French Social Studies classes spent time together learning about the importance of ‘everyday being Earth Day’ and we dove into a rich discussion about the impact of COVID-waste on our environment. While PPE is essential to keeping ourselves safe during the pandemic, we discussed how we can be more mindful about reducing or managing waste that is produced through the pandemic. Together we read the article ‘More masks than jellyfish’ and discussed how we can still keep ourselves safe through COVID while reducing COVID-waste, through strategies like reusable masks. One highlight from the Grade 6 class is we listened to Maayan in Grade 8’s Passion Project presentation, which focused on the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans. Click the link above to join Maayan for her ‘wireside’ chat. Elisha in Grade 8 also shared her Passion Project with the school in her own ‘wireside’ chat discussing her own process of learning about and creating a vertical garden. We encouraged students to take the OJCS Earth Day Pledge and share one way they can help restore the Earth in their everyday lives. The pledges were shared on a school Flipgrid page. 

What is one way you will help repair our world?


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