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Grade 6 Social Studies- March 18th

Hi Everyone,

Introduction to Social Studies- Virtual Style! 

I hope you had a great weekend and are all ready for our virtual classroom experience! It’s going to be a learning curve for everyone (including myself!) for where to find information, login information, getting used to the new schedule, but we got this 🙂 It’s an exciting journey together and one that I’m really looking forward to. It’s a great opportunity for you to dive into particular topics you’re curious or passionate about that relate to Social Studies (more to come on this, but be excited).

All your teachers are available throughout the day if you have questions. You have Mrs. Cleveland as your homeroom each morning and this is a great space to ask questions (I am sure others have the same questions as you too) and you have your Grade 6 Advisor too. Reach out to us and we’re here to help you throughout this journey.

Today we have our first ‘independent work’ period for Social Studies. This is a period where the class topic and tasks are given, and then you can work through the material on your own. What should you expect? It may be an article to read, video to watch, or activity to try out at home. This could be followed up by a task to complete and submit. An example of a task that could be assigned is a photo scavenger hunt, reflection to complete via Flipgrid, or questions to answer and submit through Google Docs. Whatever it is, it’s always my goal to have the instructions as clear as possible for your independent work period.

Today’s Plan- Wednesday, March 18th

We’re picking up where we left off at school. We have started our new unit ‘Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community’ …or lack of right now 🙂 You each created fantastic inquiry questions about things your curious to learn more about through the unit, and I’ll incorporate them along the way. One of the first tasks we started on was learning our world geography, so when we’re talking about different countries and places, you have an image of the world map in your mind and know where they are. So far we have learned and labelled North America, Central America, and South America.

TASK 1 (Suggested time: 20 minutes)

For the first part of our Social Studies class today (20 minutes), you are asked to continue to learn the country names for our next two continents (Europe and Asia). Visit the website Seterra and click the ‘play online’. If you have a printer, you can also click ‘printables’ to print out the maps like we did in class and try labelling it with an online Atlas (I’ll find a good online Atlas to use and add it to our ‘resource’ section of this blog at the top of this page.

TASK 2 (Suggested time: 55 minutes)

At the beginning of the year we learned about what it means to be an informed citizen and why this is important. The ‘big idea’ that we took away from it is that it’s important for us to use reliable sources and know what is going on in the world (current events) since we are so connected with one another. Start to think about what makes a source reliable or unreliable? What are the ‘clues’ on each website you go to that shows whether it is reliable or not?

For today, you are asked to find a ‘current event’ news article (Google News, CBC News, Scholastic News, Time for Kids). Here’s the CATCH: It needs to be a POSITIVE news article that is happening WITHIN Canada. We know that news tends to be negative so let’s all find some positive news to share with one another.

STEP 1: Find and read an article from an above source.

STEP 2: In a Google Doc., complete the following:

a. What is happening in the article?

b. Who is involved?

c. Where is it taking place in Canada?

d. Why should Canadians care about the issue presented and be informed about it?

Share your Google Doc. with Mrs. B by Friday at 9:00am. Be ready to share your current event at our first virtual class on Friday!

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ everyone!

Grade 6 Learns About Communities in Canada: Past & Present

The grade 6 English Social Studies class has been busy learning all about communities in Canada, both in the past and present. This builds on their grade 5 Social Studies unit where they learned all about early Indigenous communities in Canada and the first contact with Europeans.

As part of the ‘Communities in Canada’ unit, students completed two different assignments during Term 1. The first assignment was ‘What Does Being Canadian Mean To You? and the second was a ‘Famous Canadian’ project where students researched the biography and significant contributions of a Canadian.

Each student shared one of the assignments on their blog- check out the links below and leave a comment for the students right on their blog page. Let them know you are reading their work!

Learn about Tim Horton from Maytal

Learn about David Suzuki from Ava

What ‘Being Canadian’ means to Elisha

What ‘Being Canadian’ means to Matthew

What ‘Being Canadian’ means to Yaakov

*More blog posts to come!

Right now the students are focusing on learning about one community in Canada in more detail, such as the Jewish community in Canada or the Irish community in Canada. What are the key skills they are learning along the way? Research skills and synthesizing information, analyzing and interpreting data, formulating inquiry questions, evaluating and drawing conclusions, gathering an dorganizing information, and clearly communicating their results- all of the KEY skills of a Social Scientist!

Grade 6 Social Studies Homework

Grade 6 Class,

What an amazing discussion we had in class about the various symbols of Canada- we came up with an incredible (and packed) list of symbols together.

Today we moved our discussion to what being Canadian means to you and you started working on your own personal writing assignment explaining what it means to you. Please finish this assignment for our class this Friday. The instructions for the assignment can be found below:

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Welcome Back- A Great First Day!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back! It was wonderful to see each of you today and to hear all about your fun-filled summer! A really big welcome to our new students who have joined the OJCS Middle School family!

Over the first week of school, please familiarize yourself with our Social Studies blog page. On the page you will find how to subscribe to your homework and events Google calendar, our school and classroom behaviour expectations, the new homework policy, as well as important posts and updates from our class. Please come as questions you have about the blog or any questions as you get set up with your schedule and new routine over the first week of school.

Thank you for your participation today in our activity and discussion about what we want our classroom to look and feel like, what tools you need this year to be successful, and what you hope to learn about this upcoming year together.

Have a wonderful evening!