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Grade 8 (Bertrend)- Megacity Task, March 19

Hi Grade 8’s,

I am really looking forward to our continuing our learning and great conversations together online! We did begin our history unit focusing on Canadian Confederation and we will resume it next week.

For the next week, I would like us to turn back to our geography unit where we learned all about megacities and population settlement patterns. You each researched a different megacity around the world and created an excellent photo collage showing the factors that led to the city’s growth, the challenges the city faces with having such a large population, and then solutions (current or aspirational) that address each challenge.

For today’s independent work period, I would like you to research your megacity again, but through a different lens. With COVID-19, megacities are the areas in particular that will face the largest challenges with having such a high population (megacity=over 10 million). Your lens today is to learn about how COVID-19 is currently affecting the megacity you researched and how the city is mitigating the effects.

New vocab word of the day is ‘mitigating’- this means lessening the impact. A great Canadian example of this is our fun snowstorms. The snow storms are still going to happen (we can’t control this), but we can mitigate the impact by ensuring we have snow tires on vehicles to reduce car accidents, having equipment to shovel snow around the house, etc.

I am available during this time and will check in on how you’re doing. I will also help each of you find reliable sources, which is so important given the issue you’ll be looking into. Here is a breakdown of how to spend your time:

  1. Research your megacity and how they are helping mitigate the effects of COVID-19 (Suggested time: 40 min). By the end of your research, you should have a total of 3 ways the city is helping lessen the impact of COVID-19.
  2. Go back to your Megacity Google Slides presentation, and add 3 new photos to your collage (1 photo for each way) (Suggested time: 10 min)
  3. For our first Google Meet class next Tuesday, you’ll be asked to share about why you chose each photo and describe it. Prepare what you would like to say about each photo (Suggested time: 20 min).

“See” you soon and email/Google Hangout chat with me if you have questions this morning!

Mrs. B

Grade 8 Learns about Sustainable Development

Grade 8 has been learning all about sustainable development. We have learned about what population density is and how to calculate it. We have also been looking at different distribution patterns for communities such as linear, scattered, clustered, and peripheral.

Linear: The population lines up along a natural of man-made feature.

Scattered: The population is spread out over a large area.

Clustered: The population is tightly packed in a small area.

Peripheral: The population surrounds a feature, like a mountain or stadium, and circles the edge of a territory.

What distribution pattern(s) do we have in Ottawa? Comment below!

We are currently learning about megacities- what is a megacity, the factors that allow for these areas to grow to a population exceeding 10 million, the challenges that they face, as well as creative solutions for sustainable development. We watched The Daily Conversation series which introduces us to different megacities around the globe.

Each student in the English Social Studies class is working on a megacity project right now where they research one megacity in greater detail. They are creating a photo collage using Google Slides which has 9 visuals- 3 visuals which illustrate 3 factors that allowed the city to grow to megacity status, 3 visuals which illustrate 3 problems the city faces, and then 3 visuals which illustrate a solution to each problem. The rubric for the project is below and class presentations will begin on Monday, December 16th.

Grade 8 Social Studies- Reflection Homework

Hi Grade 8,

Just a reminder that on Monday your roundtable reflections are due for both Mr.C and Mrs.B 🙂

We are so proud of your meaningful participation in the federal election roundtables. Many of the participants said that hearing your question and seeing your involvement was the highlight of the roundtable for them. The Jewish Bulletin article has been published about the roundtables and all of your quotes about the political party platforms. Check out the article below:


Grade 8- SJCC Election Roundtable Homework

Grade 8,

We are looking forward to the election roundtables with you this week and next! A reminder to be at school by 7:40am (meeting and leaving in the foyer by 7:45am) this Wednesday and Thursday morning. There will be a light breakfast provided BEFORE the roundtable.

Tonight for homework, pleaase finish looking at the Conservative Party platform. The last one we looked at in class was ‘Climate Change & Environment’. Try your best to understand each platform point. For tomorrow’s class, come prepared to discuss the 1 issue that is most important to you and 1 potential question to ask the candidate.

Here is the link to the Maclean article:


Mrs.B and Mr.C

Welcome Back- A Great First Day!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back! It was wonderful to see each of you today and to hear all about your fun-filled summer! A really big welcome to our new students who have joined the OJCS Middle School family!

Over the first week of school, please familiarize yourself with our Social Studies blog page. On the page you will find how to subscribe to your homework and events Google calendar, our school and classroom behaviour expectations, the new homework policy, as well as important posts and updates from our class. Please come as questions you have about the blog or any questions as you get set up with your schedule and new routine over the first week of school.

Thank you for your participation today in our activity and discussion about what we want our classroom to look and feel like, what tools you need this year to be successful, and what you hope to learn about this upcoming year together.

Have a wonderful evening!