Grade 7 Early Canadian History

Our Grade 7 class is currently learning about early Canadian history starting from the year 1713 up to Confederation (this is where we pick up in Grade 8!). As part of our unit, we have been looking at the key roles that existed during the fur trade, such as the voyageurs, coureur de bois, and Indigenous women. Students each chose a job from a list and had to use the program to share a description of the job, the challenges of the job, what an average day was like, and lastly some fun facts about the job. Below you will find the QR codes that connect to each Thinglink assignment.

Leo shares about the role of the habitant

Maytal shares about the coureur de bois:

Halel shares about the voyageurs:

Yaakov shares about the coureur de bois:

Please leave a comment below with any questions you have for the students!

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