Grade 6 Participate in ‘Children First Canada’ Pilot Project

This year our Grade 6 Social Studies classes had the opportunity to participate in a pilot project with Children First Canada’s Young Canadians’ Parliament (YCP). Classrooms from Grades 5-12 across Ottawa were part of this stage of the pilot project, and we were proud to be part of the process! One special feature about the way Mr.Cinanni and I incorporated the YCP Toolkit into the grade 6 classroom is that both our English and French streams participated, and we were able to be creative and offer the content in both languages.

Through the project, students participated in a series of lessons that introduced them to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children and the Canadian Charter of Children’s Rights. We analyzed and discussed historical and current perspectives of children’s rights and the role of government and parliament in ensuring children’s voices are heard.

This month we celebrated their participation in the pilot project by presenting certificates to each grade 6 student. Below is a photo of some of the students holding their certificates.

One highlight from the unit was a 4-corners activity where we read statements about children’s rights, and students had to travel to the ‘I Agree’, ‘I Strongly Agree’, ‘I Disagree’ or ‘I Strongly Disagree’ corner that represented their opinion.

Another highlight of the unit was learning about and discussing ‘equity’ and ‘equality. Students were presented with a choice board of presentation formats to display their understanding of the two terms and offer examples. Use the QR code below to see one Flipgrid video assignment.

What an amazing learning opportunity for our Grade 6 class! We are thankful to have been selected to participate in the pilot project.

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