Grade 6 Participates in ‘A Kid’s Guide to Canada’ Pilot Project

Our Grade 6 Social Studies class with Mrs. Bertrend began participating in a pilot project this week called ‘A Kid’s Guide to Canada’. This is our second pilot project this year that we have participated in, and what an exciting opportunity to try and give feedback on different learning tools and resources for other students across Canada to benefit from! Our first pilot project was exploring the ‘Children First Canada’ toolkit and you can read more about it here. 

This week the students have started to explore ‘A Kid’s Guide to Canada’ which is a virtual trip across Canada that has been created by students, for students. There are levelled scavenger hunt-style questions that help to reinforce:

  • The physical and political geography of Canada
  • Cultural awareness across Canada
  • Map reading skills
  • Digital measurement tools

In addition to the skills that the virtual trip across Canada helps to reinforce, because we are participating in the pilot project, students are also learning how to give valuable feedback about the program and how it can be further improved for future students that participate.

One thing that is clear is as soon as our learning tasks are in a game format with a bit of friendly competition, the students are that much more excited to dive into the learning! It’s game on!

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