Grade 6 Learns About Communities in Canada: Past & Present

The grade 6 English Social Studies class has been busy learning all about communities in Canada, both in the past and present. This builds on their grade 5 Social Studies unit where they learned all about early Indigenous communities in Canada and the first contact with Europeans.

As part of the ‘Communities in Canada’ unit, students completed two different assignments during Term 1. The first assignment was ‘What Does Being Canadian Mean To You? and the second was a ‘Famous Canadian’ project where students researched the biography and significant contributions of a Canadian.

Each student shared one of the assignments on their blog- check out the links below and leave a comment for the students right on their blog page. Let them know you are reading their work!

Learn about Tim Horton from Maytal

Learn about David Suzuki from Ava

What ‘Being Canadian’ means to Elisha

What ‘Being Canadian’ means to Matthew

What ‘Being Canadian’ means to Yaakov

*More blog posts to come!

Right now the students are focusing on learning about one community in Canada in more detail, such as the Jewish community in Canada or the Irish community in Canada. What are the key skills they are learning along the way? Research skills and synthesizing information, analyzing and interpreting data, formulating inquiry questions, evaluating and drawing conclusions, gathering an dorganizing information, and clearly communicating their results- all of the KEY skills of a Social Scientist!

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