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Les défis du 21e siècle !

À ma classe de 8e année,

Je t’invite à lire et à écouter les liens aux articles suivants.  Pendant cette semaine, j’espère que tu pourras prendre le temps de t’informer davantage sur ces sujets importants.

Article sur la condition des océans:  

Article sur la pollution de l’air en Inde:

Article sur les feux en Australie:

Bonne écoute et bonne lecture !

Mr. C

Grade 8 Social Studies- Reflection Homework

Hi Grade 8,

Just a reminder that on Monday your roundtable reflections are due for both Mr.C and Mrs.B 🙂

We are so proud of your meaningful participation in the federal election roundtables. Many of the participants said that hearing your question and seeing your involvement was the highlight of the roundtable for them. The Jewish Bulletin article has been published about the roundtables and all of your quotes about the political party platforms. Check out the article below:


Grade 8- SJCC Election Roundtable Homework

Grade 8,

We are looking forward to the election roundtables with you this week and next! A reminder to be at school by 7:40am (meeting and leaving in the foyer by 7:45am) this Wednesday and Thursday morning. There will be a light breakfast provided BEFORE the roundtable.

Tonight for homework, pleaase finish looking at the Conservative Party platform. The last one we looked at in class was ‘Climate Change & Environment’. Try your best to understand each platform point. For tomorrow’s class, come prepared to discuss the 1 issue that is most important to you and 1 potential question to ask the candidate.

Here is the link to the Maclean article:


Mrs.B and Mr.C