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Grade 6 Eng. Social Studies Homework

The grade 6 class has been learning all about Canadian demographics. This includes what the word ‘demographics’ means and also what data sets can we look at to learn more about who Canadians are.

This week students have been working with data sets looking at the total population of Canada and the percentage of citizens that live in rural and urban areas. We learned that the population of Canada from 1851 to present day has shifted from rural to urban areas and what this means for municipal planning for these areas.

If students did not finish the rural vs. urban population questions in class, they were sent home to complete. The question set can be found below:

Grade 7 Eng. Social Studies Natural Disaster Response Plan

Grade 7 has been learning all about the opportunities and challenges that are presented by the physical environment and the ways in which people have responded to them. Part of this conversation has been about climate change and the more extreme weather patterns-which has resulted in more natural disasters.

Each student is now researching a current natural disaster and creating a natural disaster response plan for the community. This includes how the community can mitigate the effects of the disaster in the future.

The instructions for the assignment are below.

Grade 8 Social Studies- Reflection Homework

Hi Grade 8,

Just a reminder that on Monday your roundtable reflections are due for both Mr.C and Mrs.B 🙂

We are so proud of your meaningful participation in the federal election roundtables. Many of the participants said that hearing your question and seeing your involvement was the highlight of the roundtable for them. The Jewish Bulletin article has been published about the roundtables and all of your quotes about the political party platforms. Check out the article below:


Grade 6 Social Studies Homework

Grade 6 Class,

What an amazing discussion we had in class about the various symbols of Canada- we came up with an incredible (and packed) list of symbols together.

Today we moved our discussion to what being Canadian means to you and you started working on your own personal writing assignment explaining what it means to you. Please finish this assignment for our class this Friday. The instructions for the assignment can be found below:

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Grade 8- SJCC Election Roundtable Homework

Grade 8,

We are looking forward to the election roundtables with you this week and next! A reminder to be at school by 7:40am (meeting and leaving in the foyer by 7:45am) this Wednesday and Thursday morning. There will be a light breakfast provided BEFORE the roundtable.

Tonight for homework, pleaase finish looking at the Conservative Party platform. The last one we looked at in class was ‘Climate Change & Environment’. Try your best to understand each platform point. For tomorrow’s class, come prepared to discuss the 1 issue that is most important to you and 1 potential question to ask the candidate.

Here is the link to the Maclean article:


Mrs.B and Mr.C

Grade 7- Informed Citizen Homework

Hi Everyone,

I almost wrote grade 6 in the subject, but you’re moving on up!

Thanks for the great discussion today in class about what is an informed citizen and the importance of being an informed citizen. Lots of great and different ideas! We also talked about how we can become more informed citizens in ways such as reading or watching the news. It’s important to have a critical eye when you are looking at any reliable source to identify any bias- why has the news group decided to share the story in this way?

Tonight for homework I would like you to find a news article from one of the sources below. You are looking for a news article sharing an issue or story that you were unaware of, but feel that both you and your classmates should know about it. An example of this is during the summer I read an article about the Amazon Rainforest fires. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard about the fires yet and that more people were not discussing it. As you shared today during our discussion, after we learn about issues we can actually have an action piece and help them!

Source 1:

Source 2:

Source 3:

Come prepared tomorrow to summarize the article and talk about why it is important for others to be aware of the issue presented.

Welcome Back- A Great First Day!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back! It was wonderful to see each of you today and to hear all about your fun-filled summer! A really big welcome to our new students who have joined the OJCS Middle School family!

Over the first week of school, please familiarize yourself with our Social Studies blog page. On the page you will find how to subscribe to your homework and events Google calendar, our school and classroom behaviour expectations, the new homework policy, as well as important posts and updates from our class. Please come as questions you have about the blog or any questions as you get set up with your schedule and new routine over the first week of school.

Thank you for your participation today in our activity and discussion about what we want our classroom to look and feel like, what tools you need this year to be successful, and what you hope to learn about this upcoming year together.

Have a wonderful evening!